90% SILVER $100 (FV) Face Value



  • Coin Highlights:
  • Please note that coins are picked based on our current inventory at the time of placing your order. We cannot guarantee which type of coins will be in each bag, however each bag will contain a total of $100 face value. Bags will contain mixed denomination of coins (i.e. quarters, dimes & half dollars).
  • The value of smaller bags of 90% Silver are a great starting point for new or experienced investors or collectors.
  • Dates and denominations you receive will be of our choosing and may or may not vary, determined by stock on hand.
  • Pre-1965 90% Silver coins, sometimes referred to as junk Silver or scrap Silver, are a great way to start your Silver investments. These Silver coins were pulled from circulation with the introduction of copper/nickel clad coins and the rising demand of Silver. The public saved them for their 90% Silver content as a rainy day fund they can fall back on.
  • Consists of 90% fine silver.
  • Minted by the United States Mint.
  • Each bag contains coins that add up to $100.
  • Most bags will  feature multiple types, or denomination, of coins. We can assure our customers that all coins are inspected for authenticity and we stand proudly behind our reputation for fine quality silver products.
  • Each bag of 90% Silver Coins is the equivalent of approximately 71.5 ounces of pure silver. These U.S. coins are extremely valued for their high silver content. Because circulated coins like these are no longer produced with pure silver, they reflect an historic era in U.S. minting. We are happy to be able to offer these silver coin bags to our customers.


This is $100 Face Value (FV) of 90% Junk Silver these will me mixed Nickles, Dimes, Quarters, and Halves. Junk bags are a cool & unique item and may take up to 20 business days to ship from the time payment is received.



90% Silver coins circulated in the United States for almost 175 years. These pre-1964 dated Silver coins are now a favorite of collectors and investors alike due to the value of Silver.

Product Highlights:

  • Contains approximately 71.5 oz of 90% Silver.
  • Coins come packaged in a heavy duty canvas bag.
  • Each $100 bag of 90% Silver coins contains mixed denomination of Dimes or Quarters (our choice).
  • All coins are dated 1964 and prior.  Every bag contains 90% silver coins that are all dated 1964 and earlier. As customers may know, the U.S. Mint began to decrease the amount of silver in coins from 90% to 40% in 1965. Today, of course, no pure silver is used in circulated coins. For this reason, 1964 coins and those prior are highly collectible.



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