2013 1 oz Snake Privy British Silver Britannia Coin

2013 1 oz Snake Privy British Silver Britannia Coin


BUY BACK PRICE: 17.82 USD Since 1997, the Royal Mint of London has been delighting coin enthusiasts with its Silver Britannia Coin Series. In 2013, to celebrate the “Year of the Snake,” the mint released its special edition 2013 Snake Privy Britannia. Unlike other coins, whose privy mark is displayed on one of its sides, this unique piece features snake-shaped privy marks along the outer rim of the coin. This distinct design element has made it a popular piece among collectors and investors alike.

No other coin captures the culture and heritage of Great Britain as fully as the Silver Britannia. Depicted on the obverse of the coin is Britannia herself, the female embodiment of the British Empire. She is attired in a classical, flowing toga and war helmet. In one hand, she carries a trident as a tribute to Great Britain’s naval prowress. The other holds an olive branch and a shield decorated with the Union Jack pattern. These symbolize the peace that the British navy strives so hard to protect. Printed upon the circular border of the coin is the word, “Britannia” accompanied by the coin’s mintage year, weight and purity.

Proudly emblazoned on the reverse side an effigy of Elizabeth II to represent Britain’s unwavering devotion to the monarchy. She is depicted in profile with a poised and dignified expression on her face. In her hair, she wears her iconic tiara. A ring of text encircles the portrait, inscribed with the ruler’s name; the Latin abbreviation “D G Reg Fid Def” and the coin’s denomination.


The 2013 Snake Privy British Silver Britannia Coin is now available. Each coin has been struck at the Royal Mint in London with 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver. Featuring the mint’s first ever privy-marked rim, these coins have become extremely popular in the world on coin collecting. Along with their silver value, the coins are also assigned a legal tender face value of 2 in the UK.

Coin Highlights:
•Contains 1 oz of .999 pure silver.
•Minted by the Royal Mint in Great Britain.
•Features the famous Britannia design by Phillip Nathan.
•Features a lunar series snake privy mark design.
•Has a face value in the UK.


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