1 oz Pegasus Silver Round (Random Year)

1 oz Pegasus Silver Round (Random Year)


BUY BACK PRICE: 17.54 USD On the front of the round, the Pegasus, the icon from Greek mythology, is pictured in flight along with the inscription “FREEDOM” and the year. Just as Pegasus can soar through the air, we, too, can rise above earthly burdens. This 1 oz silver round is a timeless symbol of this lesson.

The intricately designed reverse side features the phrase “Free Markets & Free People.” And a lion and bull are near the center of the round as a tribute to their appearance on the first coins ever minted, dating back over 2,500 years ago in Lydia.


The 1 oz Pegasus is GoldSilver’s bestselling silver round. Minted annually, this version continues the tradition offering a unique and beautiful silver round.

Investors choose the 1 oz Pegasus Silver Round for its .999 fine silver content, high-quality minting, and its striking design that embodies the independence afforded those who own silver.

The inspiration for the Pegasus comes from real coins circulated in Ancient Greece thousands of years ago.


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