1 oz 2014 (HM) Year of the Horse


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Highland Mint, Horse Design  1 oz 99.9% Silver




20 in stock


According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2014 marks the year of the horse. Years that fall under this member of the Chinese Zodiac are often described as eventful periods filed with many opportunities for prosperity and happiness. To celebrate such a significant occasion, the Highland Mint of Florida has released a special commemorative round in honor of this year’s equine celebrant. Each of these commemorative rounds is made from 1 troy of the finest 99.9% pure silver.

The engraved image on the front of this round features a galloping horse that seems to be charging straight at the viewer. From its swishing mane and tail to the articulated movement of its powerful legs, customers are sure to appreciate the detailed engraving that breathes life into this noble steed. In addition to the artistic rendering of the horse, customers should also note the authentic Asian influences that permeate the design. For instance, encircling the horse near the edge of the coin is a traditional Chinese border. To the left of the horse stands its Chinese character, “Ma.” The same Chinese calligraphy and border pattern are repeated on the back of the coin, but with the symbol on a much larger scale in the center of the design.


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