Secure Depository to Store Your Gold & Silver

What is Precious Metals Storage?

Precious Metals storage is a simplified way of describing the service of securely storing physical holdings of gold and other precious metals, whether it’s in coins, rounds, or bar form. It’s important for metals investors to physically store their precious metals purchases in a safe and secure place, and our depository is specially designed for this purpose. Storing your precious metals in our depository is an inexpensive and affordable way to keep your precious metals safe and sound. Store your precious metals with us, and you’ll find convenience, security, and savings!

Secure Your Precious Metals in 3 Simple Steps

Open and Account with ReadyVault

The first step is to open your storage account with ReadyVault. This step can be completed quickly and simply via phone or email. You can call ReadyVault directly at 561-529-3013, apply online, or you can download the application form below, and return it via email.

Select Your Storage Location

One of the great advantages of ReadyVault over other storage providers is that ReadyVault is offers a multiple locations in a variety of countries. Customers can place their metals exactly where they wish, to provide the desired regulatory environment.

Purchase Metals From Readycoins

Once your storage account is open and your location is selected, give us a call at 561-529-3013 to purchase your precious metals and coordinate delivery directly to your vault account. From there we take care of everything, and work with ReadyVault directly to put your metals into your storage account.


Setting Up a Secure, Affordable Storage Account Could Not Be Easier…

You may be surprised to find that our white-glove secure storage services are available for fees that usually lower than those charged by a precious metals ETF such as SLV or GLD -– but without the same counterparty risks and other dangers.

It takes just a couple of minutes to set up your account. Then simply make a purchase and choose delivery to your depository account. Or ship metal you already own to be stored securely by us. That’s it. We’ll safeguard and fully insure your valuable holding in our state-of-the-art maximum security vault.

Ready Vault is a wholly-owned subsidiary of that provides maximum-security storage for your Precious Metals. This private storage is managed with the utmost security.

Benefits of storing with Ready Vault include:

Free Shipping

When you purchase from we ship your Precious Metals directly to our vault, at no cost to you.

Tracking & Management Tools

Track the value of your holdings in real time with a unique inventory web page.

  • Quarterly Statements
  • Annual Live Video Audit
  • (Once a year on the anniversary of opening your storage account we will have a Zoom style live video audit of you personal vault. Additional live video audits are available for a fee)

Delivery On Demand

You always have the option to take possession of your Precious Metals any time you want.


  • Your products are kept separate from others and protected against theft, damage and physical loss.
  • We insure your products with 100% loss coverage using only top A+ rated insurance carriers.

Affordable Pricing

  • Currently for all customers storage fees are waived for the first year of storage.
  • (First time Ready Vault customer and make a purchase from to qualify for 1 year Free storage. Free storage up to one million USD. Over one million USD charged at the regular storage rate.)

Complete Confidentiality

  • Each customer’s account is completely confidential and ReadyVault maintains strict privacy policies.